Acceso y admisión

Access to a Master's with a Spanish Degree or a foreign homologated Degree

Academic Year 2020-2021

Those who fulfil one of the following requirements may request admission in the official Master's courses at the University of Zaragoza:

a)       Access requirements:

  • Hold an official university degree from Spain or a degree issued by a higher education institution in a state within the European Higher Education Space (henceforth, EHES), or hold a international university degree officially recognized in Spain and that entitles the holder to access Master's courses.
  • Hold a higher education degree issued by a non-EHES country (only for non-qualifying university Master's degrees). In this case, the application must follow the procedure established by the University of Zaragoza Postgraduate Studies Committee. This Committee will verify that the qualification is of an equivalent educational level to official Spanish university degrees and that access to Postgraduate studies is entitled through this qualification in the country of origin.

The tariff noted in the Public Prices Decree must be paid for this document to be studied and the equivalence between the international qualification and the corresponding Spanish one(s) established.

No access application which fails to meet these requirements will be processed.

  • Have studied part of a doctorate study programme, in accordance with the Royal Decree 778/1998 or prior regulations. Official proof of the courses and research work undertaken from the centre that managed the university master's programme will be requested.
  • Students who are studying Degree courses within the Spanish University System (SUS) and international students who are in the process of finishing their studies, who do not meet the access requirements on the application dates for Phase I, Phase II and Phase III may request conditional admission. This is based on the enrollment (in all the 2019-2020 academic year's credits) necessary to complete their Degree course and on being able to demonstrate  that they meet the academic requirements on the day they register
  • In the case of accessing university master's courses qualifying for regulated professions in Spain that do not require a specific degree, use will be made of the provisions of RD 967/2014, dated 21 November, which establishes the requirements and procedures for the certification and statement of equivalent qualifications and official university academic level and for the validation of international higher education studies, and the procedure to determine the correspondence with the levels within the Spanish higher education qualifications framework for the official Architect, Engineer, Graduate, Technical Architect, Technical Engineer and Certified qualifications.

b)       Language requirements:

  • Anyone wishing to undertake a university master's course taught in Spanish at the University of Zaragoza whose mother tongue is not Spanish must hold a Spanish language certification so as to guarantee that he/she is able to properly follow the classes.
  • If the University Master's has specific language requirements, documentary evidence must be provided to show the student has the required level (see the corresponding master's web page).
  • For those university master's courses which are taught in full or part in a language other than Spanish, applicants must provide documentary evidence to support their competence in such languages (see the corresponding master's web page).