Acceso y admisión

Admission request

Academic Year 2021-2022

Admission requirements

Students may be admitted to a master's degree in accordance with the general access / academic requirements, specific and merit assessment criteria that, where appropriate, are specific to the university master's degree or established by the University.

The University will include the procedures and admission requirements in the study plan, which may include training supplements in some disciplines, depending on the previous training accredited by the student. Said training supplements may be part of the master's degree provided that the total number of credits to be taken does not exceed 120. In any case, whether they are part of the master's degree or not, the credits corresponding to training supplements will have, for the purposes of public prices and concession of scholarships and study aid the consideration of master's level credits as indicated in Royal Decree 861/2010.

Admission is a competitive process among applicants because the number of places offered in each university master's degree is limited. In all the admission phases, an order of priority of the applications will be established according to the evaluation obtained according to the admission criteria of the degree verification report, taking into account the documentation provided together with the admission application. This assessment will be carried out by the Coordination of the master.

In those University master's degrees that include specific linguistic requirements in their verification report, applicants must document a sufficient level of knowledge to carry out an adequate follow-up of the teachings. In case of not sufficiently justifying the requirements of knowledge of languages, in the opinion of the coordinator of the master, the admission will not proceed.

Conditional admission

Students who do not meet any of the access or admission requirements during the admission application period may be admitted conditionally.

Conditional admission is contemplated in Admission Phases I, II and III, but not in the Extraordinary Phase.

The requirements for both access and admission must be met by the end of the enrollment phase corresponding to each admission phase.

In Phases I and II of admission, the conditional admission will be valid only until Phase I of enrollment. In Phase III of admission, it will be valid until the Extraordinary Enrollment Phase. In the case of being students who are in the process of completing their Bachelor's or equivalent studies, they must be enrolled in all the credits necessary to complete their studies in the current course.

Reserve quota

 As contemplated in the agreement of December 22, 2016, of the Governing Council of the University of Zaragoza, 5% of the places in each university master's degree will be reserved, with a minimum of one place, for those people who, complying with the academic requirements, have recognized a degree of disability equal to or greater than 33%, as well as for those students with permanent special educational needs associated with personal circumstances of disability. When, in application of the indicated reservation percentage, a whole number of places is not obtained, it will be rounded to the nearest whole number.

The places of this quota that are not covered will be accumulated to the places of the general quota.

Form and place of presentation of the application

The application for admission to university master's degree studies will be made by accessing the Virtual Secretariat> Pre-enrollment in Master's Degree

The necessary documents must be uploaded to the computer platform in pdf format. Each document that is uploaded to said platform must be identified with the name of the applicant and the type of document in question.

Exceptionally and in a justified manner, the admission application may be made by submitting via the Electronic Registry the standardized form available at webform / printed_admision_master_normal_2020_2021_0.pdf and all the necessary documentation.

Those applicants admitted or admitted conditionally in Phase I will have the right to a place reservation for which they must pay a fee of 100 euros between May 10th and 17th, 2021. This rate corresponds to a fraction of the first payment term of the enrollment. The following groups will not have to pay this amount for the reservation of a place: people with disabilities equal to or greater than 33%, or with special educational needs, those who have been victims of terrorism as well as their spouses and children, those who have suffered disabling injuries for their participation in international peace and security operations as well as their spouses and children, people who have been victims of violence Gender equality as well as their children, asylum seekers and refugees, members of large families of a special category and recipients of the Minimum Living Income.The method of payment of this fee will be indicated in the corresponding Admission Resolution.

In the case of having paid the reservation of a place in several master's degrees, once the enrollment has been made in one of them, the refund of the other reservation amounts in which enrollment is not formalized via the Electronic Registry