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Cancellation of registration

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Cancellation of registration for official studies at the University of Zaragoza is undertaken per the Social Advisory Board Agreement from 28 October 2014, which passed the Permanency Regulation for official qualifications adapted to the European Higher Education Area at the University of Zaragoza and for the provisions of the Public Prices Decree from the Government of Aragon for this academic year:

Ex officio cancellation:

The University will cancel registration for all subjects within a single study area if the public prices are not fully paid up by the established deadline. Likewise, registration will be cancelled in part or wholly for those students who do not meet the established requirements.

Cancellation at the request of the student:

1.- Total cancellation of registration can be requested by means of a reasoned request sent to the Dean or Head of the corresponding centre. There are two deadlines by which this may be accomplished:

a) Before 15 November if any of the subjects have their first sitting in February.

b) Before 20 December if all the annual/half-yearly subjects for the qualification have their first sitting in June.

2.-Partial cancellation: Cancellation of the registration for all subjects for a semester can be requested by means of a reasoned and justified (family, medical or work conditions or unforeseen circumstances) request sent to the Dean or Head of the centre.

Decisions on full or partial cancellation of registration will be taken by the Permanency Committee at the centre and may be challenged before the Permanency Committee at the University of Zaragoza.

3.- For students in the first year of the bachelor's degree, should some of the subjects have their first sitting in February, registration may be cancelled until 31 December if cancellation enables someone on the waiting list for this qualification to join the course.

Academic ramifications: cancellation means losing all the academic effects of initial registration. For students newly arrived at the University of Zaragoza, full cancellation of their registration will mean a place will not be reserved for them for the coming years.
The University may refuse to issue qualifications or certificates for the courses for which the student has payments outstanding and interest may be charged on top of these amounts.

Financial ramifications: the public prices for the cancelled registration will only be reimbursed when the termination request is a consequence of an issue that is outside the control of the student and attributable to the Administration or when the cancellation request is made within a month from the beginning of the academic year.

The amount paid in fixed costs, starting a transcript, student insurance or other corresponding insurance policies will not be reimbursed save where registration on one course is cancelled due to acceptance on another university course at the University of Zaragoza.