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Course 2023-2024

How to provide documentation:

  1. Through the of the University of Zaragoza Electronic Administration (, identify yourself with the credentials valid for this University: PIN + administrative password and fill the form “provide required documentation”. Access the form from HERE
  2. Some university centers allow you to send the documentation by email to the electronic address enabled. 

The university center will request, in the cases that proceed, the contribution of the original documentation.


The following documents must be handed into the Secretary at the center within 10 working days of registering:

All students:

  • SEPA direct debit order: Students making their payment through the bank. More info
  • Accident Insurance: Students aged over 28 are not covered by the student insurance, so they must underwrite an accident insurance policy. Procurement of insurance is the responsibility and obligation of the student; this must be done directly and a copy of the policy or receipt for this policy given to the secretary at the centre along with all other registration documents.More info

Newly arrived students joining bachelor's degree:

  • Original and photocopy of the ID Card / Passport.
  • Original and photocopy of the document / certificate accrediting access to the University. 

Students of Master's degree:

  • If not presented during the pre-admission process, students must provide: Original and copy for comparison or certified copy of the university qualification and the official academic certificate of subjects studied (only applicable for students from other universities).

Other documents required:

Bachelor's Degree:

    • If arriving from another university or changing courses, students must present the receipt from having sent the transcript from their original university.

Bachelor's Degrees & Master's Degrees:

    • If you wish to apply for part-time enrollment, the application form must be duly completed.
    • If a transfer and/or recognition of credits is requested, a duly completed request form must be printed out:
    • Non-EU foreign students citizens may apply for scholarship. More info.

Continuation with transcript transfer shall be terminated should the University become aware of any inaccuracy, falsehood or omission of any information, statement or document accompanying or included in the preceding communication. Under these circumstances, the University will invalidate the place awarded, notwithstanding the criminal, civil and administrative liabilities that may be incurred.


Students enrollment in official studies at the University of Zaragoza may obtain the "Tarjeta Universitaria Inteligente (TUI)", that allow to identify, use of libraries and other services. 

More info: